Red Flag TacView

The 104th Phoenix VFBS has put together using the TacView flight recording software. We have recorded the video of the last Red Flag event and made it available for the public. This recording offers a strategic view for top down action. The recording is set at 16x speed to get right to the action. If…

104th Recruitment Closed

The autumn round of 104th Phoenix recruitment has been closed! We thank all applicants for their interes! It is much appreciated. However, pls understand that we cannot take you all. This round we chose only 2 cadets – after long consideration, we felt this would provide the best training. We've chosen 104dct_Buckeye and 104cdt_Stuge! Congratulations…

Congratulations 104th_Highway

Congratulations to 104th Highway! 

Who on 20/09/2014 successfully passed his Carrier Qualification.

In so doing he has completed the final test of the 104th training program.

104th Highway was officially awarded his wings for full membership in the 104th Phoenix VFBS.


Excellent job, Highway! Welcome to the Squadron!