We will publicly announce on our forum and website when our ranks are open. We will have a small application process which will include a UPT submission. The potential cadet will have to perform and submit three tracks that will need to display proficiency and detail.

If you are having issues connecting to the server please you may have failed the integrity file check. Your ping might exceed the allowed threshold. Pings over 270 will usually be rejected by the server to minimize lag issues.

The 104th Phoenix VFBS infrastructure is very expensive to run. It takes a good bit of money to build and maintain a high-end server. It takes even more money to host it on a Gigabit connection at a Co-Location Host.

 Its a lot to maintain so we ask that you if you like our services please donate when possible to help keep us up and running.

Every cent counts and we place every dime back into our infrastructure for your multi-player pleasure.

Yes we do! Please download and stay up with the latest version available. You can download SRS Here

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