Rules of Engagement

You MUST Read the Briefing before entering the server! Once your in the simulator you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of all rules!

* No National, ethnic, racial, religious or sexual discrimination will be tolerated. No political talk. Be respectful to the other pilots flying on the server and treat them as you would like to be treated.

  •  No abusive language on the server.
  •  No intentional team killing ever!
  •  No killing of planes on the ground using A2A weapons. Only A2G weapons and cannons may be used.
  •  Max ping allowed on the server is 270. This is to preserve smooth game play for all.
  •  No killing of planes on the ground unless there is a minimum of 3 fighter planes (not including A10/Su25T) on the opposing side.
  •  Report any suspected cheating directly to a 104th server admin in game, in Teamspeak or send us a message using the form on the contact page. No accusations of cheating in chat unless to an admin
  •  Read the mission briefing when available before entering the cockpit.
  •  Be courteous and friendly.
  •  Exiting flight while engaged with enemy and exiting before dying is not allowed. You must wait for server messages if you are unable to return to base if hit.

People violating rules will first be warned, then banned.

  • Swearing / Cursing at another player
  • Complaining in global chat about the number of missiles fired at you
  • Complaining in global chat about the number of aircraft engaging you
  • Complaining in global chat about the type of missile fired at you
  • Trying to ridicule other players for extending away from you
  • Trying to ridicule Fighters who have shot down Striker aircraft

All of the above are not appropriate behavior in our server, we have worked very hard over the years to give the community a platform that can be enjoyed by everyone and not dominated by the bullying trash talking culture of games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3.

If you must complain about an engagement and cannot contain yourself it may ONLY be done on Coalition/team chat, any type of outburst on global chat is unacceptable.  If you do not think it was a good kill on behalf of your opponent you may only complain about it to your team otherwise say nothing at all.

We have asked our server admins to be on the lookout for clients in our server abusing these rules and offenders will be warned in game.  Anyone who cannot abide by these rules after a warning will be removed from the server as we will not allow this type of behavior to continue.

On a more positive note we have also noticed through the logs that more and more players are using team chat to work together and help other players with any problems and pointing them to our teamspeak and SRS server.  We hope this will continue and we can maintain a healthy server where players feel comfortable flying in and don’t have to worry about being antagonized by other people.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

104th Phoenix Command

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